Air Mods NW has developed a number of proven STCs to enhance the performance and utility of the Grumman AA1 and AA5 series aircraft. Our Grumman STCs include engine upgrades, aux. fuel systems, interior modifications, and speed mods. If you want your Grumman to go fast, look great, or perform better, email Air Mods NW!

We also have several performance STCs for the Cessna 152 and Piper Tomahawk aircraft.  Our Sparrowhawk conversion for the Aerobat and C152 is recognized by 152 owners all over the world as a cost effective way to significantly increase the performance of these aircraft.  Incidentally, our conversion is the only approved upgrade that allows Aerobat owners to keep the modified aircraft in the aerobatic category!

Our 125 hp and oil cooler STCs for the Piper Tomahawk give this trainer that little extra “umph” that owners have been looking for!  One of the side benefits of our STC is that it allows for repitching the propeller to take full advantage of the engine modification. The oil cooler STC is also a stand alone STC. If you are looking for better cooling on hot summer days, this mod gives you an alternative to the factory Piper kit at a very reasonable price.

Questions? Send us an email at !