STC’s for Grumman American

    We Offer the following STCs for the AA1 and AA5 Series
 American and Grumman American Aviation Corp. Aircraft  

SA641NW –  $545.00

125 HP conversion for all AA-1 series airplanes and includes dorsal fin installation, variety of props approved including Sensenich 72CK-0-52/ -56 (the one standard on the AA-1C only). Requires engine, prop, and mount changes to all but the AA-1C to 0-235-L2C.(Includes SE792NW to modify engine to 125 HP).

SA991NW –  $545.00

115 / 125 HP “Long Nose” for all AA-1 Series models (Includes mandatory installation of dorsal fin and option to extend the aft upper baggage compartment). Requires the O-235-L2C engine, either stock or modified to 125 HP IAW STC SE792NW (included), the AA-5A engine mount, air induction system, complete cowling, Sensenich 72CKS12-0-57 propeller and AA-5 series spinner.  (O-235-L2C is stock in AA-1C).

SE792NW –  $295.00

For raising the O-235-L2C Lycoming engine to 125 HP. Companion STC to SA641NW, SA991NW, SA1000NW, and is applicable to Long EZE and other home built models (Only sold separately for non-certificated aircraft but is included with the above listed STC packets ).

SA1009NW – $245.00

Dorsal fin for AA-1, AA-1A, AA-1B, AA-1C GA models Sold as an individual STC for stock and modified airplanes (other than with SA641NW or SA991NW – this STC is included with these packets).

SA4722NM – $245.00

Upper aft baggage compartment “Hat Shelf” extension for all AA-1 series.

SA4387NM – $695.00

150 HP conversion for all AA-1 series aircraft using both the “Dynafocal” and “Conical” type engine mounts. This STC packet authorizes STC SA1009NW (Dorsal Fin). and incorporates full main landing gear fairings (sold separately) as options. The basic STC gives options on items such as air induction system, engine baffling, and propeller pitch for tailoring the project to your own budget and requirements. THE “HYPER CAT” MODIFICATION.
Note: The above prices are for STC limited license use, drawings and instructions only – NO PARTS INCLUDED. These are referred to as “STC packets”.

SA1012NW – $4,795.00 (10 Gal.), $5,795.00  (20 Gal.)

10 & 20 gallon auxiliary fuel kits for all 2 Place AA-1 series aircraft.

Crating charges shown below)

SA1012NW – $5,995.00* (includes shipping crate)

10 & 20 gallon auxilliary fuel kits for all 2 Place AA-1 series aircraft.

SA4708NM – $295.00

Nose Gear Torque Tube Repair / Reinforcement (STC and documents only not available)

SA4708NM – $1,495.00

Completed (exchange) reinforced Torque Tube Assy. & STC.
Note: There is a $600.00 core charge on top of the price listed here.

SA3326NM – Sensenich Propeller – AA5B (prop & STC) – $4,612.50 (Export C of A may be additional charge for outside USA shippment.)

List Price – $5,125.00 (effective 1/01/2017)

STC Re-issue – Full (standard) – $95.00 (Except SA4387NM)

(This includes all documentation for existing license)

STC Re-issue – Full (O320- SA4387NM) – $195.00

(This includes all documentation for existing license)

STC Re-issue – Face Sheets Only – $49.00

(Issue of new face sheets reflecting Owner and / or Aircraft changes)