STC’s for Cessna

Air Mods N.W.
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Snohomish, WA  98291




Sparrow Hawk STC Packet (SA 1000NW &SE792NW)                                        $545.00
High Compression Pistons (Set of 4, matched for weight)                           $2201.64
Sensenich Propeller & Spinner Kit & STC (*STC SA1008NW)                    $4,995.00
Pre-cut Engine Baffles Materials Kit (Optional choice)                                   $295.00
TOTAL PRICE  (Less Shipping Cost)                                                                          $7996.64
Total “Full Kit” Package Price (Less Shipping)                                                 $7517.00*
NOTE:  To update to New Lycoming Cylinders Assemblies,                                                            over pistons only, add to full kit package price:                                                   $3931.00

*Cash, pre-paid orders only at the package discount.  We reserve the right to add up to 3% for charge card payments.
The above prices are effective as of Jan. 1, 2017 and are subject to change without notice.


In addition to the above items, all other parts and labor required must be added.  These costs will vary with the condition of the engine and the extent of  parts replacement and reconditioning needed.  Each aircraft modification is an individual case, based on required and elective work and parts replacement therefore estimates of total costs for the completed conversion are difficult to make prior to tear-down and inspection.

SPECIAL NOTE:  The pistons required for this modification are not available “oversized”.  Should the cylinders need to be bored, they must be either chromed to standard or replaced with standard.  Any welded cylinders are subject to having build-up of weld in the heads and this can interfere with full travel of the taller piston.  It is important that the cylinder repair shop be aware if the intended installation with these high compression pistons.  It is highly suggested to upgrade to new complete Lycoming cylinder kits which come with all valve parts installed and include the correct pistons, piston pins, plugs, rings, and some seals.  The cost of overhauling  cylinders & all parts offers little or no savings.

*STC No. SA1000NW includes drawings and templates for fabricating and modifying engine cooling baffles.  The optional pre-cut materials kit saves about 10 man hours of initial fabrication and has all pre-cut baffle seals and large area rivets included.  Bends, drilling, and modification of original parts retained, attaching seals, and final fitting and installation should require an additional 6 to 8 hours.*Inbound and outbound freight charges, nor any applicable taxes,  are not included in the above.Orders shipped to within WA State may be subject to sales tax.*STC No. SA1008NW, for the Sensenich Propeller Kit is a “stand alone” STC that is applicable to the stock engined 152 aircraft.  It is furnished free, with the purchase of the propeller kit, but sells for $350.00 as a separate item when the propeller kit IS NOT purchased from Air Mods N.W.