About Us

Air Mods Northwest, LLC has been providing quality parts and repair services since our founding in 1985. It is our mission to use our extensive experience to ensure that your aircraft is serviced, repaired, and improved in a thorough and professional manner. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to maintain our tradition of meeting the highest standards for quality in all our workmanship.  We are proud of our record, and we encourage you to check out the photographs of our work!

Operated by:  Ken Blackman

Ken is known Worldwide for his expertise in the maintenance and operation of all models of the Grumman American Light Aircraft Product Line.  He became a Dealer in 1976 and co-founded the first owners & pilots organization for these airplanes, “The American Yankee Association” later that year.  He has developed many modifications, certified by FAA Supplemental Type Certificate, for Grumman American aircraft as well as for the Cessna 152 and Piper Tomahawk.  Also a co-founder of the Grumman Pilots Assoc, now serving as its Technical Director, he continues to strive to improve the quality of maintenance for these aircraft, World wide, through workshops presented around the country.

The Staff:

Phillip Ponce, Aircraft Mechanic, has been with us since 2006 and is an expert in maintaining the GA product line.  Keith McPherson is a maintenance assistant and Jan Blackman is the primary keeper of the papers (or Bookkeeper) with Ken covering all areas.

Located: Green Valley Airport – Granite Falls, WA

The Identifier is WA-25.  Located 16 KM off  PAE VORTAC on the 024 degree radial and 8 KM East of Arlington (KAWO) Airport at 100 degrees.  Look on the Seattle Sectional for Granite Falls and the red circle west of town.  Please call for instructions to land.