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We specialize in modifications, parts, and experience. Air Mods NW is known over the world as a premier supplier of parts and STCs for American – and Grumman-American – general aviation aircraft, as well as STCs for the C152, Aerobat, and Piper Tomahawk. In addition to parts and modifications, Air Mods NW is proud of our reputation for professional workmanship. Over the last 27 years, we have developed expertise in all aspects of repair for the Grumman AA1, AA5, and GA-7 series aircraft, including the following:

Wing, Tail, and Fuselage Structural Repair

Honeycomb Repair

Interior Plastics Repair

Partial and Full Refurbish of Aircraft

Engine O/H and Power Upgrades

Cowling Mods and Repair

Lighting Installations

Exhaust Modifications

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