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On May 28th 2018 we lost one of the greatest minds and men from the Grumman American Community and with that some things will be changing since the passing of Ken Blackman. We will no longer be taking on repair jobs or anything along the lines of maintenance for aircraft. All parts will be shipping over to Yankee Aviation for Roscoe’s control. Air Mods NW is known over the world as a premier supplier of  STCs for American – and Grumman-American – general aviation aircraft, as well as STCs for the C152, Aerobat, and Piper Tomahawk. We currently cannot sell or sign off on any STCs as we are waiting for the FAA to approve the transfer from Ken Blackman to the new owner for signing off on the STCs.  We do have STCs for the following areas:

Aux Fuel Tanks

Engine O/H and Power Upgrades

Cowling Mods

Exhaust Modifications

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